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Over the last few weeks, the Board of Biology Fortified has been listening and learning as peaceful protests have gathered to protest police brutality against black people across the United States and the world. We’d like to express solidarity with…


Support masks for farm workers – and the science of homemade masks

Biofortified is making fabric masks for farm workers – and doing research on fabric mask efficacy too! We need your support so that this can continue until the pandemic is over.

epigenetic ineheritance

Transgenerational Epigenetic Inheritance and Glyphosate: Conclusions

Even people with relevant expertise can have difficulty interpreting a study, especially when the methods aren’t clearly stated in the article.

epigenetic ineheritance


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epigenetic ineheritance

Part 5: Statistics

This post describes the importance of selecting the most appropriate method of statistical analysis, especially for complex studies.


Part 4: The problem of founder effects

Breeding experiments that use an outbred strain are more likely to suffer from founder effects.

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